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As there are so many moving parts in people's lives, it can be hard at times to get to grips with whether your income and expenditure really match your expectations.
Our six-step planning process enables you to see precisely where you are now so that together we can decide what action, if any, needs to be taken now and in the future to achieve your goals. 

The Planning Process

1. Assess Your Cash Flow & Investments
Do they match your lifestyle & costs?

2. Explore Your Plans & Expectations
We cost these with you and see if there will be enough now & in the future to ensure you achieve them.

3. Identify Risks
We look at the potential barriers that may jeopardise your plans in the future. Having identified what could go wrong, we will set about determining how you would like to tackle these issues, should they arise.

4. Review Your Investments
Are your current investments delivering what you need? Do you feel comfortable with them?

5. Revise Your Cash Flow Plan
This step is taken in light of the information garnered above.

6. Regular Reviews
We carry out reviews of your situation on at least an annual basis. Life changes and so too should the plans made to deal with it.

Minimum income or investment not required.
Anyone who wants to be financially well organised and maintain financial independence are welcome.